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Forex Trader with Hedgecent

Ready to dive into the world of forex trading? Opening a demo account with Hedgecent is your first step towards becoming a proficient trader. Our user-friendly platform and dedicated support team are here to ensure a smooth trading journey. Click below to create your demo account and start trading today!

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Click on “Open Account”, register with us.

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Venture into the exciting world of forex trading with Hedgecent’s Demo Account.
Our platform offers a risk-free, realistic trading environment where you can
hone your trading skills, test your strategies, and get comfortable with the trading platform
— all with a substantial virtual balance.

Market Data

Experience the live trading atmosphere with real-time market data and analysis.

Full Access to
Trading Tools

Utilize all the trading tools, charts, and assets available on our live platform.

Virtual Balance

Practice your trades with a substantial virtual balance, giving you the freedom to explore without financial risk.

Seamless Transition
to Live Account

Ready to take the plunge? Transitioning to a live account is a breeze, retaining all your settings and preferences.

Whatever your trading style,
we’ve got a trading account to suit you.